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Your success & satisfaction depend on your ability to trust, connect, and communicate. 

That's where Aubrey comes in:

Aubrey builds company cultures rooted in authenticity and honest, productive communication.

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Aubrey Armes

A woman on a mission: To change how business is done.

By teaching leaders and employees how to authentically own and embrace the highs and lows of being human in the business world, Aubrey is leveling up leaders all over town. She's giving leadership teams the right tools and teaching them "how to" elicit high performance, while teaching their bosses how to lead for maximum growth, results and satisfaction. 

Aubrey takes the disengaged and mediocre, and transforms them in to energized, high-performing, collaborative teams.

Passionate about doing business differently, Aubrey Armes brings her 20 years of Leadership, Human Resources, and Professional Coaching experience to the modern business leader.


Aubrey's leadership produces empowered and engaged leaders who lead effectively and empathetically, producing great results from their teams and from themselves.


Her approach helps leaders and teams achieve radical results through compassionate accountability and create company cultures where everyone can thrive.


Aubrey specializes in coaching & training on these topics:


Aubrey is a partner and mentor for leaders to be unapologetically, authentically brilliant. Learn more about Aubrey's background and expertise here:

"My gift is that I see the greatest version people and  hold that line for them until they can hold it for themselves. I understand how to move them forward in ways that elevate their greatness.”

~ Aubrey Armes, CEO Awaken Your Greatness 

"Aubrey is excellent at interpreting management goals & turning them into action items."~AS

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