Feminine LEadership:

Trusting what you intuitively know to be correct for you and learning how to leverage your innate gifts in authentic ways. 

Leading with authenticity and confidence

A workshop for powerful, successful, driven women who are committed to cultivating more fulfillment and satisfaction in their work and their life.

What You'll Learn:
  • Get more of what you want (without the frustration) 

  • Lead like the powerhouse woman you are (instead of leading like someone else)

  • Get better results (faster)

  • Use creativity and innovation to mitigate burnout & overwhelm (and have fun in the process)

  • Become 100% accountable for your results (and stop living in blame culture)

  • Fully embrace your purpose (no more holding back, the time is now!)

  • Step into the next level of greatness (without apology) 

Our Students Walk away with:

  • TRACTION: Move forward on your goals using tools and practices that actually move the needle.

  • VISION: Develop a vision for yourself as a leader, your business, and your career, then determine the actionable steps to achieve that vision. 

  • DECISIVENESS: Learn the tools necessary for making correct and swift decisions when presented with a crossroads.

  • CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Navigate and mitigate conflict and hard discussions with ease and confidence.

  • CONFIDENCE: Gain the ability to set boundaries and the skills to maintain them, even when it's hard. 

  • POWER PROTECTION: Recognize the things in your life & business that are zapping your energy (power leaks), and learn how to eliminate them altogether.

"Coaching with Aubrey has been a true

eye-opening experience. Through working

with her, I have found new ways to approach my business that value and honor my full authentic self and the lifestyle I am

committed to creating.” 

"Working with Aubrey has helped me make an extremely necessary/overdue shift in my life and the way that I look at myself and the world around me. It is still very much a work in progress but it has been spiritually, emotionally and mentally FILLING to work with someone who has so much love, insight and compassion. It's been amazing so far."