Get Back to Neutral In Nature: Why Unplugging In Nature Is Good For Business (and Everything Else)

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Unplugging in Nature is Good For Business... And Everything Else!

In my last blog post, I was writing from the passenger seat as my husband was hurling us 70+ mph down the highway towards our 2+ week great outdoor adventure vacation.

Ironically, I was writing about JOMO, the Joy Of Missing Out which comes from unplugging from work and technology alike. After I sent over my post to be published, I did just that—unplugged from email, technology and all social media.

It was so satisfying and rewarding to be completely present with my husband without the usual distractions getting in the way. We just celebrated 21 years of being a couple and 19 years of marriage. It’s these trips of unplugging and tuning into each other that has allowed us to deepen our relationship to sustain 2 decades of life and love while holding high level and often high-stress professional positions.

My practice of taking week long retreat to the woods started exactly 10 years ago. Since then, both my career and my marriage have soared as well as my general satisfaction in life. In recent years, I’ve expanded how much time I take away to unplug and be in nature because there’s so much benefit of doing it.

Next week I'll be sharing 7 Reasons Why Unplugging Is Good For Business

Unplugging in Nature is Good For Business
Soaking in the beauty of Fairy Falls, Yellowstone, WY

Well, I’m now back to civilization after spending over a week in the backcountry of Wyoming and 2.5 weeks completely unplugged from my work and regular life. I’m excited to get back to work and be creative in solving some of my client’s biggest challenges.

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