How To Embrace JOMO For A Fuller Life

You are probably expecting the third of five installments on the Four Agreements. Instead, we are going to take a brief detour for vacation season and highlight JOMO, the Joy Of Missing Out and the benefits of unplugging.

You have probably heard of FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out. Heck, you might even be a card carrying FOMO member. This is part of the reason why you are always plugged in, tied to your email and scrolling social media feeds to see what everyone else is up to.

Well, move over FOMO, there’s a new kid in town.

Meet JOMO: The joy of missing out.

As I’m writing this, I’m on the road heading off the grid for 2.5 weeks with my husband on our way to Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and Glacier National Park to do some unplugging from work and technology.

As high level leaders, as we’ve grown our careers we’ve also grown the frequency that we get out into nature and unplug from work and technology. It’s been a vital tool in helping us decompress and get the much needed perspective to run our respective businesses.

The stress of leadership can take a huge toll, leading to health issues and straining our most important relationships. It’s been these JOMO trips together that’s led to our thriving marriage of 19 years.

Time away from work— that means not taking calls, checking emails or Slack, or any other work, gives us the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves on a regular basis.

So as you take your vacation this summer, or even as you take your weekends ahead, practice unplugging from work and plugging back into your life, family and friends. Your emails can wait. Your team is capable of running the show without you (if they aren’t, it’s time to take some action on this front). Let me know how it goes for you!

Ok, ok, ok. It’s time for me to unplug now and practice what I preach. My husband is pointing out the irony of me writing this post about unplugging while I’m plugged in on vacation.

I’ll see you on the flip side, refreshed and ready to take on big challenges with a smile and a sparkle in my eye.

In Service To Your Greatness,


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