Innovating leadership in the new post pandemic business world

We are encountering a time in history that none of us have lived through. Many businesses have been shuttered and many more are scrambling to figure out how to keep the lights on. It’s going to take everyone at their best to ensure that the organization survives and makes it through what’s coming next.

Every business must take a sober look at their current situation and determine what adjustments need to be made. For those lucky enough to still be operating, one of the first things leaders will look at is current workload vs workforce. If the business workload has been drastically reduced, most businesses will have to reduce their workforce as well.

When looking at ways to scale back our expenses and to become more efficient and cost effective, there’s one area that typically goes unnoticed -- how we lead.

Poor leadership can be incredibly expensive.

During times of economic prosperity, it’s easy to ignore or not see the impact of bad leadership. In a post-pandemic world, it’s going to be essential that every business leaves no stone unturned looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary waste. Even if that means investing in your leadership now, so that you can reap the long-term benefits.

How we lead is directly related to how we think and what models we’ve had. Every leader needs to adopt a mindset that leads to producing results, not sitting back on their laurels waiting for someone else to solve the problems that are in front of the organization.

Let’s walk through 5 fundamental leadership shifts needed by all leaders, regardless of your experience or tenure, in the new post pandemic business world.