Integrity In The Workplace

The second of five installments of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and how to apply them in business.

If you aren’t familiar with the Four Agreements, buckle up. Choosing to live by these four simple agreements will change your life for the better, bringing you freedom and satisfaction. Yes, that’s a bold statement and I stand by it. I’ve been a student of them for years and can attest first hand to the transformation that happens when you expand your capacity to live by these agreements.

Here we go!

Agreement #1: Be Impeccable with Your Word.

This is a simple yet difficult agreement to live by. Arguably, this is the most important of the four agreements. No surprise that it’s #1.

Why is it so hard to live by then? As a society, we’ve learned to lie as a habit of our communication with others and more importantly with ourselves. You tell your boss you’ll have that follow up item to her by Friday and next Wednesday rolls around and she still hasn’t heard from you. Or you tell yourself you’ll exercise twice a week, yet it’s been over two weeks since you’ve broken a sweat. You swear off gluten and dairy only to find yourself stopping for ice cream (the good, full dairy variety) on the way home on a hot and sunny day. In a waffle cup, thank you very much.

We justify, explain or flat out ignore that we are out of integrity with our word. Meanwhile, this behavior creates a PowerLeak © within you which has the same effect as a boat having a hole in the bottom of it. It zaps your life force energy leaving you stressed out, exhausted with a scattered mental state.