Unattended Wounds Keep Us Lost in Grief

In this pandemic era with revenues and earnings disappearing practically overnight and lives being dramatically changed as we’ve found ourselves in various stages of isolation, relationships are the new currency.

If nothing else, being in a shelter at home status has taught us the value and importance of relationships.

Humans aren’t designed to be isolated from others and it’s our connection to other people that is our lifeline right now.

Recognizing this, I’ve been investing a lot in my current relationships and using the time that was allocated to working with lost clients to develop new ones.

On Friday, I had a call with another woman business owner. We were catching up on how we’ve been handling the situation, how business was going, and how we could support each other.

She’d asked if I’d read this article called The Pandemic is a Portal, which I hadn’t. It has certainly felt like we’ve jumped into a portal of Groundhog’s Day, that’s for sure. The basic concept, as she described it, was that the previous world we were living in is gone, leaving a new world. The author of the article posed the question of what do we want to carry forward into this new world?

We talked about that for a bit and then she shared some ideas and visions for my business based on what she’s seeing in her’s. Her business supports mental health in a more personalized and hands-on way than traditional EAP programs and is becoming a hot new employee benefits trend.

She’s seeing an uptick of grief in people, which is to be expected. What’s surprising is that the current grief is ripping off the scabs of old wounds.