Why Acting on Your Values Can Pay Off

With Valentine's Day just behind us, it's time to revisit the idea that this special day is reserved for romantic relationships. Love is also important in businesses and the way they operate.

After all, what is love? In his classic book The Road Less Traveled, psychiatrist Dr. M. Scott Peck argues how love is more than a feeling; we show our love by taking action. And business is all about taking action.

Among the actions that matter most are those that are about how you run the business and about how your business shows up and exists in the world. In other words, how you and the business live up to both personal and business values—every day.

I'm a big fan of the saying "L.O.V.E. = Living Our Values Everyday," which I discovered while looking for graphics for my social media content. But it's one thing to see it and it's another thing completely to act on it.

For example, one of your own values in running the business may be to show up fully. In living this value every day, a good reality check is to make a habit of scanning your body to see if your current dynamic is using only your mind. If so, you can bring this value to life by moving it to tap the wisdom of the body and invite the whole self in—mind, body, and spirit.

In terms of business values, a client was recently looking for a way to bring one of the values of her business to life. A value that's very important to her in her business is continuous learning. She needed a way to give this value more than lip service to her employees. But how could she make it a living value?

One simple way to check if your company values are being lived rather than just living on the plaque on the wall: When an employee makes a mistake, how does their supervisor respond?

One simple way to check if your company values are being lived rat