Why Professionals Are Burning Out At Unprecedented Rates, & What We Can Do To Change It.

Stress. Anxiety. Overwhelm. Burnout. It’s all par for the course, right? Wrong. At least, it doesn’t have to be.

Ask any business owner or leader what keeps them up at night and the answer is almost always the same: Business performance, specifically stress about how their employees are contributing (or not) to the business performance.

Leaders minds swirl towards marketing efforts, implementing growth plans and how to get their staff to perform at high levels. More often than not, everyone is burning their candle at both ends.

Working even harder, longer hours just to keep afloat with the constant nagging feeling of being on the brink of drowning is all too common.

Sound familiar?

As a leadership coach, my mission is to change how business is done. My clients learn how to focus on the things that positively grow the bottom line, boost performance, and create a healthy work environment.

As you'll see in the research below, the World Health Organization, Harvard Business Review, Gallup, Business Insider, INC, Forbes, and many other well-respected platforms agree: Burnout will be the death of businesses & their employees unless something changes soon.

It's time to change how business is done.


Earlier this year, the World Health Organization declared burnout (exhaustion because of chronic workplace stress) as clinical syndrome, medically legitimizing the condition for the first time*. The current status quo in business is the constant, steady flow of high levels of stress and overwhelm. Over time, these high levels of stress become toxic.

It’s common for high achievers to sacrifice their health, well-being and for some, even their lives. Last year, Stanford research came out to reveal that toxic workplaces are now the 5th leading cause of death with overwork and corrosive management tactics as the leading factors.

Doctors, medical professionals, attorneys, technology professionals, and others in high-stress environments are burning out twice as fast as other workers.

Even beyond the personal cost, there are significant business cost when high levels of stress are the norm in company cultures. Recently, Harvard Business Review stated that burnout is a threat to your bottom line to the tune of more than $300 Billion a year for US businesses in absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity, medical, legal and insurance costs.

So here’s the $300,000,000,000 question:

As a leader, how much of your time and energy are you spending to reduce the high levels of stress, overwhelm and anxiety in your organization?

Be really honest with yourself. Do you spend 25% of your time focused on reducing the major stressors for your team? Chances are, probably not. Many leaders don’t even have this in their top 10 priorities.

If your answer is less than 50% of your time, then it’s time to take a different look at how you are contributing to the business performance.

According to Gallup, the single biggest way managers can have a positive impact on the business is to remove obstacles for their team.

Let me walk you through 5 simple steps on how to identify the top stressors for your top performing team members and what to do about it.

Look, you aren’t going to solve all your business challenges overnight. However, by starting to focus on:

1. What really matters and,

2. What will produce the quickest amount of change for the long term...

...you will transform your business over the coming months and years. Yes, years. It really does take time to make massive shifts and changes in organizations. So you better get started today.

Does this news stress you out? If you need a partner to walk through this journey of transforming your business with you, reach out and let’s connect.

As the business leader, if you are stressed out, you can’t possibly create the level of impact and change that you want and need to in order to create a sustainable and thriving business.

In Service To Your Greatness,



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