Why Professionals Are Burning Out At Unprecedented Rates, & What We Can Do To Change It.

Stress. Anxiety. Overwhelm. Burnout. It’s all par for the course, right? Wrong. At least, it doesn’t have to be.

Ask any business owner or leader what keeps them up at night and the answer is almost always the same: Business performance, specifically stress about how their employees are contributing (or not) to the business performance.

Leaders minds swirl towards marketing efforts, implementing growth plans and how to get their staff to perform at high levels. More often than not, everyone is burning their candle at both ends.

Working even harder, longer hours just to keep afloat with the constant nagging feeling of being on the brink of drowning is all too common.

Sound familiar?

As a leadership coach, my mission is to change how business is done. My clients learn how to focus on the things that positively grow the bottom line, boost performance, and create a healthy work environment.

As you'll see in the research below, the World Health Organization, Harvard Business Review, Gallup, Business Insider, INC, Forbes, and many other well-respected platforms agree: Burnout will be the death of businesses & their employees unless something changes soon.