A few gifts from me to you:

Level up your leadership and start running your business better. 

Ask, Don't Tell! 

Stop telling your people what to do and start asking better questions that lead to better results –without the drama.

It happened again. Or rather, it didn’t happen, again. 

You’ve just discovered that your employee has failed to do *that thing* again.  

You feel the frustration rise up. You’ve told them countless times. You’ve reminded them. 

Maybe you’ve even made them a checklist or set calendar reminders to ensure the job is getting done. And still…..  


Sound familiar? 

Crunchy Conversations ToolKit

Handle difficult workplace conversations effectively and in a way that speaks to everyone. This guide will help you prepare and navigate any Crunchy Conversation that you need to have at work. 

Contributor Dossier
Define the key elements that bring out the best in your team. If you have spent countless days feeling lost and lacking the tools to motivate results or inspire action, this is what you desire.

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