"Aubrey has been my executive coach for the last year...

...She has helped me step up into my leadership in tangible ways, resulting in a promotion to a VP role three months into our coaching, as well as another raise more recently. I'm very grateful to have my weekly call with Aubrey. She not only keeps me sane, but she continuously calls me forward to grow, be vulnerable, have the hard conversations, and to be proud of myself. I value her belief in a new paradigm in business that has room for both compassion and accountability. That has been a valuable guiding light in my decision-making as I navigate fast changes in a growing software company. She brings that same mix of compassion and accountability to our coaching sessions." ~ JW

Sometimes you don't even know you're stuck, and you're just curious to explore yourself on a deeper level. Then, the illuminating questions are asked that shift everything and that catapult you in the direction of your deepest longings. Aubrey is the one to ask those questions. Her gentleness creates a safe space to look at the hard truths, to take them in and to take them to heart. Give her a try. You just might reach your wildest dreams. Wouldn't that be wonderful? 


Coaching with Aubrey has been a true

eye-opening experience. Through working with her, I have found new ways to approach my business that value and honor my full 

authentic self and the lifestyle I am

committed to creating.


Working with Aubrey has helped me make an extremely necessary/overdue shift in my life and the way that I look at myself and the world around me. It is still very much a work in progress but it has been spiritually, emotionally and mentally FILLING to work with someone who has so much love, insight and compassion. It's been amazing so far.  


I feel like for the first time in a long time, maybe the first time ever, I am making a consorted effort to love ME. and Not love who I THINK I could or SHOULD be or who I WANT to be, but who I am right here and now. It is so difficult, but it really has put me on a path of positivity and self love which I find scary at times, but so worth it.


Aubrey is an empowering, joyful, heart-centered coach! I turned to Aubrey when I was struggling to finalize a business plan that reflected all of who I am.


At the end of our coaching term, I had a completed plan, a vision of what I was going to do with it and had built new awareness of and was working on healing and changing patterns of behavior that were keeping me from success.


She created a non-judgmental and compassionate space for me to grow. And she drew on her intuitive wisdom to meet my need of the moment – to encourage, galvanize, teach, activate, inspire, whatever was essential - so that I progressed to where I wanted and needed to be.


I am fired up to successfully realize my purpose and fulfill my dreams! And I had such a great time doing this work. Thank you Aubrey!



“I am carrying a piece of paper next to my heart today that reads, ʺWhat is my happy choice?ʺ as a wisdom/guideline to keep me on my path of awareness and wholeness. And I feel more empowered, alive and willing to change and be happy than I have for the past year. Aubrey absolutely rocks as a coach. It has only been 9 weeks, and I am so grateful to find myself able and joyfully changing for the happier. Thank you, Aubrey!!” 



“I realize that we’re just two awkward people having an uncomfortable conversation, and after this training I was better able to be emotionally honest." 

“I learned from Crunchy Conversations that emotional safety in the workplace is vital to our success.”

"In this training Aubrey teaches tools to learn how to participate in hard conversations and 'not take it personally'.”

“This training isn’t fluffy. It reduces workplace drama, it’s authentic and tangible, not high-level or superficial.”


“This training can be used in all areas of one’s life. Not just in business”

~Crunchy Conversations Students (2019)

"Aubrey is amazing at seeing the ability and promise in a person when they can't see it themselves...

...While working with her over the course of 3.5 years, she was always there to listen, give advice and to stay calm when things got stressful. Besides her skills as a coach, she has an infectious laugh and positive take on life that you can't help but smile when she is around!" ~E.L.


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